Modern Meadow Reveals the Technologies behind its Biofabricated Leather Materials

Modern Meadow Reveals the Technologies behind its Biofabricated Leather Materials

Modern Meadow CTO Dave Williamson presents at Society for Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology, revealing the shift from tissue engineering to fermentation, demonstrating Modern Meadow’s ability to produce collagen at commercial scale.

New York, NY, July 31, 2017 — In a presentation at the annual meeting of the Society for Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology (SIMB), Modern Meadow CTO Dave Williamson presented how the company uses yeast fermentation and biofabrication to produce collagen materials at a competitive cost and industrial scale.

“This announcement marks a substantial turning point for the company,” said Dave Williamson. “Until a couple years ago, we were still using tissue engineering to produce lab-scale volumes of collagen. Now, using our proprietary biofabrication process, we are producing animal-free, recombinant collagen that rivals any collagen currently on the market. This shows that it’s possible not only to create breakthrough materials but to do so at an industrial scale.”

Modern Meadow’s technology platform uses the latest DNA editing tools to engineer specialized collagen-producing yeast cells. The cells are optimized to manufacture the type and quantity of collagen required. Once purified, the collagen is formulated and assembled into materials for consumer applications.

“While Modern Meadow began as a small lab using tissue engineering to produce leather materials, we’ve evolved into a full-fledged biofabrication platform capable of producing a range of materials from animal-free collagen” said CEO Andras Forgacs. “We’ve advanced our technology to the point where we are creating materials tailored to specific applications. With this announcement, we’re excited to bring biofabrication to consumers at scale.”

About Modern Meadow Inc.

Modern Meadow is a New York based company that is pioneering biologically advanced materials. The company harnesses the power of design, biology, and engineering to produce the world’s first biofabricated leather materials. Modern Meadow materials enable new design and performance possibilities and by partnering with some of the world’s most cherished and innovative consumer brands aims to bring new life to the material world.

Their unique and diverse team numbers over 70 people with expertise in molecular biology, material science, engineering and design. Modern Meadow is proud to have the support of world class investors such as Horizons Ventures, Iconiq Capital, ARTIS Ventures, Temasek, Breakout Ventures and Tony Fadell. For more information, please visit or contact

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