Modern Meadow to Unveil its Creative Materials Platform At Fall Exhibition

Modern Meadow to Unveil its Creative Materials Platform At Fall Exhibition

The biofabrication company will reveal both its material technology, but also a new material brand, in a much-anticipated sneak preview into Modern Meadow’s material world.

New York, NY, July 20, 2017– Modern Meadow, the New York based biofabrication company, today announced that it will reveal some of its highly anticipated material technology expressed as a graphic t-shirt at The Museum of Modern Art’s fall exhibition, Items: Is Fashion Modern?  Starting October 1, visitors to MoMA will be able to experience Modern Meadow’s radical reimagining of leather materials for the first time.

“We are honored to have been commissioned to submit a prototype for one of fashion’s most iconic items, the graphic t-shirt; it’s an exciting challenge that has enabled us to demonstrate our unique material capabilities,” said Modern Meadow CEO Andras Forgacs. “At MoMA, we will be debuting the world’s first biofabricated leather materials in a surprising and novel way.”

Founded in 2011, Modern Meadow began as a biofabrication company dedicated to reimagining the way we produce animal products like leather without the animal. The company has been working away somewhat quietly, creating a sustainable collagen-based materials platform that will transform the design and manufacture of everyday consumer products in industries from luxury goods and fashion to automotive.

The in-house design team led by biofabrication pioneer Suzanne Lee, have created a prototype for MoMA never before possible with a leather material. Revealing not just a first prototype, but also a new material brand, this is a much-anticipated sneak preview into Modern Meadow’s material world.

“Our technology enables designers to explore materials in exciting new ways, enabling never-seen-before functionality, aesthetics and performance possibilities,” said Chief Creative Officer Suzanne Lee. “We are thrilled to be showcasing an example of our creative materials platform at MoMA, an institution respected worldwide for its dedication to design innovation and creative expression.”

This exhibit is a critical moment of validation for the biofabrication movement, which represents the union of design, biology and materials science to innovate the next generation of sustainable advanced consumer products. Modern Meadow’s biofabricated materials introduce a new material paradigm, empowering designers to create novel materials and products with properties that previously weren’t available. Modern Meadow has been at the forefront of the biofabrication movement since its inception, and will be working with best-in-class designers and industry partners to explore the possibilities of grown materials over the coming months and years.

About Modern Meadow Inc.

Modern Meadow is a New York based company that is pioneering a new age of biologically advanced materials. The company harnesses the power of design, biology, and engineering to produce the world’s first biofabricated leather materials. Modern Meadow materials enable new design and performance possibilities and by partnering with some of the world’s most cherished and innovative consumer brands aims to bring new life to the material world.

Their unique and diverse team numbers over 70 people with expertise in molecular biology, material science, engineering and design. Modern Meadow is proud to have the support of world class investors such as Horizons Ventures, Iconiq Capital, ARTIS Ventures, Temasek, Breakout Ventures and Tony Fadell. For more information, please visit or contact

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