Revealing the Beauty of Bioinnovation

Bio-F@rm is our proprietary technology platform that showcases our unique ability to engineer and scale recombinant proteins for transformative, nature-inspired solutions.

The platform leverages Modern Meadow’s deep knowledge of protein design and precision fermentation to produce tailored proteins with superior functionality for a variety of beauty and wellness applications.

The first expression of Bio-F@rm™ technology is Bio-Coll@gen™—a vegan, biocompatible, traceable, safe, and clinically validated bioactive. Bio-Coll@gen™ delivers proven anti-aging benefits by simulating the skin’s natural production of Type III collagen, also known as the youth collagen.

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The Beauty of Precision Fermentation

Bio-Coll@gen™ is a molecular and ecological leap forward for the beauty industry. Because it is identical in sequence to Human Type III collagen, it eliminates the need for potentially harmful animal-derived or synthetic substitutes. The benefits—and the implications—are many:

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Fermentation-Based Bio-Active Human Sequence Identical Type III Collagen

Better for the People and the Planet: Bio-Coll@gen

traceable LAB-to-BRAND™
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petrochemical inputs
safe and effective for all skin types



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Modern Meadow and AHC Skincare: a Formula for Success

Thanks to a powerful alliance with AHC Skincare, Bio-Coll@gen is now in some of Korea’s most popular skincare products.

AHC, a Unilever company, is the leading anti-aging skincare brand in Korea. Starting in 2021, the company reformulated two of its most beloved products with Bio-Coll@gen™—Modern Meadow’s safe, effective, and animal-free collagen.

The first product to market was Ten Revolution Real Eye Cream—which is clinically validated to smooth wrinkles and lift saggy skin for a firmer-looking, more youthful appearance.

AHC followed up their success with Premier Collagen T3 Density Serum. The product not only reduces the look of fine lines and dullness around the eyes but also improves skin tone and texture.

Since its introduction, products containing Bio-Coll@gen™ have helped countless consumers enjoy firmer, more youthful skin.